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Arch Subcontractor Agreement

3 SAMPLE INSURANCE REQUIREMENTS EXHIBIT The following pages consist of an exposure model that can be added to a subcontract to meet insurance requirements and related special provisions relating to the assurance that a higher-level contractor should require from its subcontractors. The purpose of this example is to provide a detailed list of the standard insurance coverage and limits that may apply to the work of subcontractors; as well as certain languages, often used in insurance forms and mentions, to specify, limit or limit how certain insurance coverages obtained by the subcontractor will react. All of these requirements may not apply to the subcontractor`s work and should be checked by your own insurance broker or advisor to verify applicability. This type of exhibition is an integral part of subcontracting documents. Therefore, the type of language of the following contract is frequently used in the text of the basic contract to explicitly integrate the exhibition within the framework of the subcontract as a whole: Contractual documents: Contractual documents relating to this subcontract include all documents and documents that are provided or produced by reference, as well as the main contract between the owner and the contractor (hereafter the main contract) , including all exhibitions and other documents. which are attached to or have been added by reference, project specifications and contract documents, project plans and subsequent and additional modifications. (All of the contractual documents mentioned hereafter are collectively referred to as contractual documents). Contract documents are available at the contractor`s office. The subcontractor acknowledges that it has carefully reviewed the contract documents and fully understands them. Copies of the plans and specifications are made available to the subcontractor, upon request, at the contractor`s expense. Prior to the start of the work, the subcontractor immediately verifies and compares all subcontracting documents relating to the subcontractor`s performance, as well as any errors, ambiguities and inconsistencies, to the licensee who writes the subcontractor`s satisfaction and which, in accordance with satisfaction, complies with the authorization.

The subcontractor is linked to the subcontractor to the extent and the same duration as the owner is related to the owner. The subcontractor assumes, with respect to the contractor, all the obligations, commitments and responsibilities that the contractor has assumed through the contractual documents with respect to the owner in the main contract. The licensee also has all the rights, remedies, remedies and restrictions on subcontractors and all that has been done by subcontractors in carrying out its work that the owner and his enforcement assistants have done against the contractor in the contractual documents or by law. Any decision made by the owner or his representative regarding the interpretation of contractual documents or any related ambiguity or inconsistency is binding on the subcontractor to the extent of the amount of the holder`s undertaking. The subcontractor requires subcontractors and lower-level suppliers to fully comply with all contractual documents, including all service obligations and responsibilities that the subcontractor assumes with respect to the contractor. Insurance: the subcontractor receives and manages at its own expense insurance from companies approved by the contractor, as indicated in Schedule A of this agreement, which is included as stated in its entirety.

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