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Out Of Wedlock Agreement

Christopher Columbus` first son, Diego Columbus (born between 1474 and 1480; died in 1526), by Columbus` wife, Filipa Moniz Perestrelo, followed in his father`s footsteps to become the second admiral of the Indian Islands, 2nd viceroy of the Indian islands and 4th governor of the Indian islands. [107] Christopher Columbus` second son, Fernando Columbus (aka Hernando, 1488-1539), was his extra-conjugation son of Beatriz Enréquez d`Arana and, while growing up with great power and privilege, due to the circumstances of his birth, he never gained the fame that his father gained. Edward Wilson-Lee, biographer of Hernando Columbus,[108] says that Hernando “always wanted to prove his father`s son in his mind. [T]he undertaken the extraordinary project of building a universal library that would hold any book in the world… [H]e saw this as a counterpart to his father`s desire to go around the world…. Hernando wanted to build a universal library that would go around the world of knowledge. But, realizing that such a large collection of books would not be very useful without a way of organizing and distilling them, he used an army of readers to read each book and distill it to a brief summary or “Epitome.” The result was the Libro de los Epitomes (Book of Epitomes). Shortly after Hernando`s death in 1539, at the age of 50, this volume disappeared for nearly 500 years – until it was discovered in a special collection at the University of Copenhagen in 2019. Many of the first print publications that summarize the book of epitomes are now lost; But thanks to the extra-marital bibliophile Hernando Columbus, who wants to imitate his “legitimate” father and half-brother in his own way, priceless insights of knowledge become available and think at the beginning of modern times. [109] Out-of-marriage births are less common in Asia: in 1993, the rate was 1.4% in Japan; In Israel, 3.1%; China, 5.6%; Uzbekistan, 6.4%; Kazakhstan, 21%; Kyrgyzstan, 24%. [76] However, in the Catholic Philippines, which did not allow contraception and divorce, the birth rate without birth was 37% in 2008/9[72] and rose to 52.1% in 2015. [77] When the child is born illegitimately or when the parents marry after the birth of the child, both parents generally have custody of the child (s.

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